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More than 50 years of experience with woodworking tools and machinery has spawned countless one-off specialty jigs for cutting odd shaped projects. These hung on the walls, never to be used again, because they were limited to a single task. Overtime studying my own and other jigs,  I took the more practical and accessible ideas, added in trial and error with a dash of experience, and created a versatile set of jigs that can perform more than a single task. One of the best features of these jigs is that they can help you create new and different jigs to suit your own needs.


When using jigs in the past, I always jotted notes or lines on them as reminders and reference points that could be used at a later date. Occasionally I would just screw something to the jig – whatever the situation demanded. For these reasons, I leave the materials raw so I can draw on, attach to, or modify the jigs any way I choose. The jig is just a tool – it’s the final project that needs to be beautiful. But something that works well has its own beauty. Apply your own finish, if you prefer.           Have fun and work safely,                  Mister Don